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  • Statistical Computing/Modeling
  • Education Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Coding/Programming

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  • Advanced AI & ML Knowledge
  • Global Author Collaborations
  • Improved Coding/Programing Skills
  • Enhanced Educational Technology Utilization
  • Advanced Statistical Computing Skills
  • Sound Statistical Modeling Skills

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We are into the full package of both foreign and local Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based professional services on various areas.

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Datarmatics affords you the opportunity to fill your research data analytics and statistical computing/modeling needs while simultaneously acquiring useful digital literacy skills from our experts.

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Datarmatics Instructors are poised to guide you to improve your skills in Data Science. Coding/Programming. Statistical Computing/Modeling, and Educational Technology among others. 

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Datarmatics Code Academy (DCA) works with programmers to provide you with the needed training and guidance


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