About Us

“We have a dream to bridge the gap between developed and developing nations in teaching, empirical
research and ICT and to build up a company that grows with the changing times, create the enabling environment for people
to communicate freely using ICT in the high-tech developing world and support scholars to efficiently
apply computer software packages in Research, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine
Learning (ML) ”

Datarmatics Overview

DATARMATICS INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED(DISL) Datarmatics Integrated Services Limited (DISL) is an indigenous company incorporated on July 27, 2010,     as an Information and Communication Technology sector support enterprise. The company is duly registered (RC 902191) with the Corporate Affairs Commission under the Company and Allied Matters Act (1990) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Datarmatics provides Consultancy, Training and Support Services to scholars who are engaged in various levels of research.
DATARMATICS LTD is into full package of both foreign and local consultancy services on various area in Research and Information and Communication Technology ranging from personnel training to installation and management of    large computer networks as well as software development.

The company has rendered the above services successfully since the past three years and has handled various projects nationwide.

  • Design and Manufacture of Computer Hardware components
  • Development of computer software packages
  • Training, Certification Seminars and workshops on ICT
  • Consultancy Services
  • Conventional Library Development, E-Library/Digital Library development, installation and management
  • Research Data Analysis


Datarmatics Research Support Digital is supercharged to ignite the passion of scholars toward research and data analytics and to aid them to acquire some of the skills needed for the fourth industrial revolution. We provide 24 hours online services in the following areas.


1). Robotics & drone technology
2). Blockchain technology
3). Artificial intelligence
4). Machine Learning
5). Automated article proofreading
6). Plagiarism test and advice
7). Book review and editing
8). Data analytics and training
9). Research training & guidance
10). International paper processing
11). Research instrument validation
12). Instructional model design &
13). Cloud computing among others.

Kindly submit the details of your request to:
Email address: datarmatics@gmail.com

1. To develop knowledge among scholars through training programmes on
Research Methodology, Digital Research Statistics, Educational
Technology, Programming, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning
(ML) and ICT to sustain the educational growth of all stakeholders.

2. To empower research scholars through the provision of employment,
personal and professional development opportunities and training.

3. To retrain professionals and to train graduates/ undergraduates in
the Applied Sciences, Education, Social Sciences and Engineering
Faculties in the universities to apply different application packages in
research activities through online/offline workshops and seminars.

4. To design innovative ICT-based instructional models that could be
incorporated in the teaching and learning of Science, Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics