Choosing Research Questions

This section presents various research subjects and concepts discussed among researchers in the datarmatics team. Some of the concepts are presented below:

Qualitative Research Method (QRM)


I need assistance to the following questions, you can send it through mail “ “.Thanks 1. Are Nigerian Universities ready for Qualitative Research? 2. What are the prospects & constraints of introducing Qualitative Models of Research into Nigerian Institutions of Higher Learning? 3. How will Qualitative Research impact upon ‘publish or perish’ parameters for Nigerian academics & emerging scholars?

A1. Nigerians are already using Qualitative Research Methods (QRM) in research activities, though the use of QRM is considerably low when compared with quantitative research methods. A2. There are no issues on the integration of QRM in our universities because it has been in use. The only problems associated with the use of QRM are issues of triangulation, expertise of the researcher and quality of the results. 3. The universities and/or journals do not decide the type of research methods to be adopted by a researcher, whether qualitative or quantitative both are research works.

Guide to Technical Report Writing: We are going to look as questions like, ‘What is a Technical Report?’

The first step in Technical Report Writing is Information Gathering. The next logical question would be what means would be used for the inforamtion gathering. The methods includes:

  • Administering questionnaires
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Performing analysis on the available information


Introduction to Digital Research Statistics
According to Dr. Nduka Wonu, there is a great need for all scholars both undergraduate and post-graduates to embrace the used of computer applications in carrying out data analysis. That implies that all students should acquire skills in one or more of the research applications such as SPSS, MatLAB, Eviews and similar applications.

Some of the recommended areas of interest includes:

1. Carrying out Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests using computer application

2. Result Presentation and Interpretation using graphical and presentation tools

Data Cleaning – Kelechi Kennady: This concept was mentioned in datarmatics forum by Mr. Kelechi Kennadi

Data Cleaning also known as Data Cleansing is the techniques involved in discovering and correcting faulty or incorrect data or parts of data and them making needed modification.

Data cleaning is a way of making the data consistent and with other data in the dataset.


Guide to Choosing Research Questions

QUESTION: Good evening all.pls l need example of a topic that could use design in qualitative research and five research questions to guide the study

Topic: Impact Assessment of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Teacher Training Program on Student Learning Outcomes in Basic Science. Draft Research Questions(RQs):

RQ1: What is the opinion of school administrators on the impact of UBE teacher training program on the learning achievement of students in basic science?

RQ2: How might we describe the impact of UBE teacher training programme on the attitude of students toward basic science?

RQ3. What is the opinion of UBE trained teachers on the impact of the intervention program on their teaching approaches?

RQ4. What is the assessment of non-UBE trained teachers on the impact of the intervention program on student attitude toward basic science?

RQ5: How might we describe the opinion of non-UBE trained teachers on the impact of the intervention on student learning outcomes?

RQ6: To what extent has the UBE intervention impacted on the learning progress of students as perceived by learners whose teachers benefited from the programme?

RQ7: How might we describe the impact of UBE intervention project on student learning progress as perceived by learners whose teachers did not participate in the training?

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